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Yoga Instructor Teacher Training Grads -- Where are they now: Carol

The learning how to teach was one of my favorite parts, which was experiencing the asanas from a different perspective than being a student in a yoga class. Prior to teacher training would attend a yoga class where I followed the steps from what the instructor was saying. It was a lovely experience and I learned a lot of yoga poses by attending different classes instructed by different teaches.

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Twist Yoga Teacher Training Grad - Julienne

The biggest surprise came a few months after teacher training was over when I taught my first public class. I never thought I would actually teach. Speaking in front of a group of people is something I usually try to avoid. And I didn't feel ready or qualified to teach a class because of my own self-doubt. But I taught the class and I survived and I really absorbed more in the 200 hour training than I thought I did.

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