I was coming back from an injury and my doctor recommended yoga. I was not sure where to start. After just a few private classes at Twist, I really understood what I needed to do to make the right adjustments so I could feel safe and confident as I continued to heal. The one-on-one time was crucial to my recovery and I actually feel stronger than ever.

Traditionally, yoga was taught directly from one teacher to a single student. At Twist Yoga, our group classes are fun and energizing, but we understand how important it is to provide an individual experience and cater to your specific health goals. If you don’t feel comfortable coming to a public classe or would like to practice your technique one-on-one, private classes may be just the right fit for you.

We ensure all our clients achieve proper alignment and can modify any poses if you have an injury. We can help you to achieve all your goals from injury recovery, to pose mastery and even sports-specific yoga for athletes

Both in studio and at home yoga lessons are available with most of our teachers, for beginners all the way through to advanced yogis.

Five benefits of Twist Yoga’s private classes:

  1. Parents and workaholics with crazy schedules might find it challenging to fit in a class at the studio (make sure you also check out Twist Yoga Online for classes streamed right to you!).  Together, we can plan one-on-one lessons that suit your needs, schedule and goals

  2. For beginners, we know how intimidating it can be coming into a class full of amazing energy at Twist Yoga. So, a private lesson can be a great way to get comfortable on the mat before joining a big group

  3. People recovering from an injury can benefit greatly from a private lesson. We can adapt any poses for you and let you know if there’s anything you should avoid. Yoga poses can also aid in injury recovery

  4. Everyone has their own goals, so a private lesson is a great way for you to work with one of our teachers to make a plan to achieve a range of goals, from mental clarity to physical endurance

  5. The advanced yogi who wants to keep advancing can go into more detail with our teachers about the more technical asanas that might not be covered as much in a group setting

Private Session Pricing

The below prices are in studio only. For at home bookings, please contact us directly