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Mindful Eating for Better Health

What is mindful eating? How can I start?
Can you imagine slowing down when you sit down to eat to experience the tastes and textures of your food rather than wolfing it down in a hurry or snacking on the go all the time? We can absolutely learn to slow down and eat mindfully. We can also learn to see the food we eat as medicine that not only nourishes our whole system, but also tastes delicious.

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TWIST Tips: The Turkey on the Table

We LOVE the idea of fostering more gratitude in our lives. This idea, created by two moms, is the perfect way to start. Simply add something your family is grateful each day on a feather, and watch the love grow. Kids of all ages can participate. By Thanksgiving, your turkey will be filled with thankfulness, and will be a lovely centerpiece that everyone will enjoy. Plus, every turkey purchased provides 10 meals to someone in need through Feeding America. You can learn more about TURKEY ON THE TABLE and buy yours here.

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TWIST Tips: New Infinity Straps in the studio!

We love the new Infinity Straps we have at the studio! They are so easy to use and help make so many poses more accessible, safer and more fun! Check out this video for a home practice using the Infinity Strap (available in studio for just $20). This easy-to-use strap can be used for stretching, arm balances and aligning the shoulders to build stability and strength. You'll see them incorporated into class and available for sale at the studio!

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TWIST Tips: 5 Reasons Men Should Practice Yoga

Yoga is actually an ancient method of relaxation, exercise and healing that was originally only practiced by men. Then, it was used as exercise for the military to prepare young men for the rigors of battle. Trust me, yoga will not​​​​​​​ transform you into a touchy-feely kale-eating girlie man - instead it will simply create movement and structure to improve almost all aspects of your everyday life.

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