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TWIST Tips: New Infinity Straps in the studio!

We love the new Infinity Straps we have at the studio! They are so easy to use and help make so many poses more accessible, safer and more fun! Check out this video for a home practice using the Infinity Strap (available in studio for just $20). This easy-to-use strap can be used for stretching, arm balances and aligning the shoulders to build stability and strength. You'll see them incorporated into class and available for sale at the studio!

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Asana LAB - Chaturanga, Upward Facing Dog, & Revolved Half Moon

Sometimes, we get to a point in our practice where we are ready to really break down our asanas and shed some light on proper alignment, and take things to the next level. Ali Matt and Jessica Baker, two of our Twist Yoga Teacher Training leaders, take individual poses and present them in a way that's easy to understand, and really feel in your body.

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TWIST EATS: Grilled Peaches with Ricotta and Kelly's Jelly

Summer is in full swing. It's officially "farmers market" season, and we couldn't be more excited to try this yummy, easy and versatile recipe from local business owner and yogi, Kelly Calabria, of Kelly's Jelly. Kelly was gracious enough to tape a quick video of this delicious recipe at another local favorite, Nic & Fig's.  Check out this beautiful Lake Oswego locally-owned spot for sewing, craft making and cooking class for kids and adults.

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