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TWIST Tips: 5 Reasons Men Should Practice Yoga

Yoga is actually an ancient method of relaxation, exercise and healing that was originally only practiced by men. Then, it was used as exercise for the military to prepare young men for the rigors of battle. Trust me, yoga will not​​​​​​​ transform you into a touchy-feely kale-eating girlie man - instead it will simply create movement and structure to improve almost all aspects of your everyday life.

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Asana LAB: Videos Breakdowns of Sun Salutation A

Why do we see Sun Salutations in so many classes?
Sun Salutation is important for two reasons. One, it moves the spine in flexion and extensions (the spine’s two great ranges of movement), and is a well-balanced workout. It also offers numerous health benefits beyond the physical level; relaxing and centering the mind and body, and leading it to meditation. Two, Sun Salutation gives us an opportunity to express gratitude to the sun, without which life on earth would be impossible!

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TWIST Tips: OM Shanti … whaaaaat? 15 Common Yoga Terms DECODED

If you are like me, you may have heard some of the yoga words and terms for months and even years without really understanding what they mean. By that point, it feels silly to ask. You may take some time to research them online or in books but, it is hard to remember after you leave class, and “real life” resumes.

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