TWIST Tips: How to Activate Your Mala


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Mala Prayer - Twist yOga
Mala Prayer - Twist yOga

Mala beads are known to protect and guide us in our daily lives. Activating your mala is the perfect way to connect your beads to your energy, and set your intention.

When choosing your intention, we recommend using your intuition and being as specific as possible – if you want your mala to bring you success, think about which situations you’d like to see that success – is it at work, through relationships? Tell your mala.

The Intention Setting Ceremony

To get the most out of your intention setting ceremony, you will want to create a quiet space where you can feel comfortable and relaxed. Light your favourite candle or incense, and allow negative energy to remove itself from your thoughts and your surroundings. It’s important that you feel calm and relaxed when setting your mala’s intentions.

Sit down, close your eyes, and slowly begin lengthening your breath.

State your intention to the beads with a clear and calm mind. Move the mala through your fingers, avoiding your pointer finger (as it represents ego). And don’t forget to be as specific as you can when stating your intention to your beads.

Visualise yourself finding peace of mind and inner calmness.

“Om Hrim Name Shivaya Om” is a traditional mantra for activating and sealing the energy in your mala. Chant this at least three times, while ensuring you remain calm and comfortable.

Seal the energetic bond with your mala by sitting for at least five minutes. Remember to continue breathing slowly and relaxing with your mala – this is the beginning of a long journey together and the perfect opportunity to get acquainted.

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