TWIST Eats: How to get Protein from Plants


Sometimes, we want to take ‘Meatless Monday‘ a little longer and get protein from plants alone. But, it’s hard to know how much and what to eat. It’s true — all plants and vegetables contain protein. In fact, according to one of our favorite websites, The New Potato, “spinach and kale have nearly twice as much protein as beef, calorie for calorie.”
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From Lindsay S Nixon, Happy Herbivore

 Here are 10 rich sources of protein from plants:

+ lentils
+ beans
+ peanuts
+ tree nuts (such as cashews and almonds)
+ seeds (such as hemp seeds, chia seeds, and sesame seeds)
+ quinoa
+ leafy greens
+ nutritional yeast
+ tofu and tempeh
+ wild rice
+ green vegetables

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