TWIST Tips: Five Spring Break Lifesavers from Jen Albertini and Arbonne


Spring Break … I’m outa here!
– Jen Albertini
Twist Yoga yogi, mom, and Arbonne Rep

One week until Spring break here in Oregon. This has been the longest winter ever! My shoes are still soaked from running 2 days ago! My family is headed for the sunshine and I am hoping to bring it back with me so we can officially start Spring.

Our bodies go through changes along with the seasons and thank you to Arbonne for having these 5 products to help us transition to sunnier times. Not only do these products work, but they are all botancially based and created using the best of science.  So, not only do I feel good using them, but my entire family can benefit. Read a bit about each and let me know how I can help you look and feel healthier this spring!


1.    Pomegranate Fizzie. I cannot live without these energy boosts in the afternoon. They help promote alertness and refuce fatigue with the help of green tea, guarana, ginseng, and B vitamins. And for a refreshing spring drink make my Pom Basil Fizz:
In a blender, mix 3-5 frozen strawberries, 1 Pomegranate fizzie, 2-3 Basil leaves, Ice & water.


2.   “I want one, too!” Parents out there know that whenever you are enjoying a fun, fruity drink, pretty soon your little ones will want them.  I am the uncool mom who hates Gatorade and refuses to buy it. Instead I use Arbonne’s Complete Hydration to make my kids my old school favorite Orange Julius. Complete Hydration has 6 electrolytes to support hydration in both adults and kids. Try this next time your kids are begging for a smoothie or drink.

 Arbonne Orange Julius: In a blender, mix:

+ OJ
+ Almond milk
+ 1 pack Arbonne Complete Hydration
+ Frozen mango
+ Ice
Arbonne fiber boost (12g of soluble fiber)
+ 1tsp vanilla extract


3.   The winter months have left my face feeling rough and blah. That is why I am breaking out my Genius Resurfacing Pads. The name says it all! These genius face pads come with a bottle of the first plant based retinol solution. How smart of Arbonne to create an effective and safe solution to target dark spots and fine lines? No nasty side effects. I cry when I run out of these!


4.   When the sun comes out and the weather wamrs up, I am graced with shiny forehead!  This is where our Mattifying Powder comes in handy in my purse. This looks great on any skin tone and can be applied on top of your makeup for an instant matte finish.


5.  And finally, an absolute staple in my suitcase when our family travels this spring and summer, Arbonne’s Sleep Well Spray. This is an life savor. Traveling can disrupt our routines and schedules, especially when it comes to sleep.  A blend of Melatonin and Botanicals in this spray is all that we need to fall asleep easier. 1-7 squirts on the tongue depending on age, and you are off to dreamland. It has been a life savor for my kids too when they hit that over-tired insane state!

Have a wonderful Spring Break wherever that may be. Even if you have to create your own sunshine. Thanks for letting me share some of my pure, safe and beneficial favorites. Let me know if you have any questions or wat to learn more or try some of these products.

About Arbonne products:
Botanically-based and scientifically proven, gluten free, these products were developed in Switzerland in 1975. Pure, safe, beneficial, their personal care and nutrition products are vegan certified and adhere to the strictest Purity and Safety guidelines.

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