Yoga Teacher Mentorships

Yoga Teacher Private Mentorships

Our Twist Yoga Teacher Private Mentorship program was created for yoga teachers who want to explore specific aspects of their teachings in a deeper, more personalized manner.

Perhaps you took your training years ago and want a refresher. Or, maybe you just finished training, and after getting out into the “real” world, you’d like to dive deeper into adjustments or anatomy. Or, maybe your training was more focused on a specific, narrow aspect of yoga, and you’d like to expand your options. This extremely unique program was created to be just what YOU need and when YOU need it.


Meet with your mentor privately + Assist in public classes + Enjoy 6 weeks of FREE unlimited membership at Twist Yoga + Help gain a better understanding of hands-on assists, sequencing, anatomy, etc.

 The Twist Yoga Private Mentorship Program is a 6 week fully-customizable series and totally unique program that will give you the tools that you need, personally, to take your teaching or your practice to the next level.
You’ll get one-on-one meetings with Ali Matt or Jessica Baker, two of the area’s most sought after yoga teachers. You focus on anything YOU want. This program is not a one-size-fits all. Its truly customized for YOU and your goals, questions, and dreams.
Enjoy weekly meetings with your teacher as well as have the opportunity to assist her in classes at Twist Yoga. You also get the option to lead a free community class at Twist Yoga and will enjoy FREE unlimited yoga at Twist Yoga during your mentorship program. This really is the “secret sauce” to building confidence, finding YOUR voice, and teaching public classes.

Twist Yoga Teacher Training Graduation2017 Mentorships 

Summer Mentorship: July 11- Aug 18
Winter Mentorship: Nov 7- Dec 15
Spring Mentorship: Feb 6- March 16

Twist Yoga Classes open for mentorship in-class assisting:
Tues 8:10am with Ali
Tues 12pm with Ali
Wed 12pm with Jessica
Wed 5:30pm with Jessica
Fri 9:30am with Jessica

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$500 for Twist Yoga Teacher Training graduates
$550 for the public