I'm New to Twist Yoga and Not Sure Where to Start...

Yoga can seem intimidating. We know - that’s why we opened Twist Yoga to start with! But, don’t let fear keep you from starting. We will take care of you like family from day one.

Our New Student Ambassador and Tribe Guides will get you set with a class that makes sense for exactly where you are today.

Our studio is welcoming and was created for every fitness level. You won’t walk in and be the only one who doesn’t know where to put their mat, or what the weird yoga words mean. It’s our pledge to you. Our mission is to fuel happiness through connection and we look forward to meeting you.

Here’s a quick look at what classes to take:

Yoga Classes: No yoga experience needed
+ Yin/Restorative Yoga
+ Flow Yoga
+ Slow Flow
+ Flow Yoga 45

Fitness classes:
+ Shred
+ Intelligent Conditioning and Yoga
+ Core Blast 45

Some experience recommend, but not required:
+ Power Yoga
+ Hatha Yoga

We have no formal requirements to take classes. But, we do want you to get the most from your first class, stay safe, and have fun. Reach out to us any time for a personalized plan just for you.

Welcome to the Twist Tribe!