School of OM

Want to take your practice to the next level, but not quite ready for a 200 Hour Teacher Training program? This series was created for YOU! Explore and expand your personal practice. Learn about the history and philosophy of yoga while incorporating new posture alignment into your daily practice.

Sundays in March: 4, 11, 18, 25
11:30-3:45 each week


The School of OM was designed for yoga students who have a curiosity and desire to dive deeper into the rich history and philosophy of yoga. Its purpose is to give you a greater context of what yoga is and how you can continue your own study outside of the yoga studio.


Often our yoga practice is confined to physical postures on a yoga mat, within a group class. The School of OM is a chance to dive deeper into the history and evolution of yoga. To gain a greater understanding of how the philosophies and ways of living as a yogi date back far beyond the creation and popularity of modern yoga poses.

The first two weekends of the program will be directed toward breaking down the common postures seen in Vinyasa yoga classes. We will be looking into the alignment of the poses, the purpose of each pose and a brief anatomy study. We will also, be touching on the energetics of the practice, what’s happening beyond what our muscles and bones are doing. There will also be time for breath work and meditation throughout the weekend. These weekends are designed to give you the tools to have a home practice or a greater understanding of the poses and your body when attending classes.

The final weekend will be an in-depth study of the history and philosophy of yoga with guest teacher Sara Ivanhoe. A yoga teacher and yoga philosophy teacher at Loyola Marymount University, Sara comes with a wealth of knowledge on the depth and history of yoga.

 Twist Yoga’s School of OM is an in-depth program developed for anyone, whether a long-time practitioner or just stepping onto the mat, who is curious to learn more about what is behind the practice of yoga.
+ Gain a deeper understanding of posture alignment
+ Learn to create home sequences for your personal practice
+ Incorporate or refine your meditation and Pranayama techniques
+ Deepen your understanding of the energetics of the practice
+ Study the history and philosophy of yoga
Take two yoga classes as a group each session week with one book reading assignment

School of OM FAQ:

  1. Do I need to be an advanced yogi or yoga teacher? No. This program is designed to serve all yogis. It is an amazing gift for yourself whether you are yearning to learn more beyond the yoga poses themselves or if you are at the beginning of your yoga journey. It’s a great way to set a foundation for learning of all that is yoga. The School of OM will introduce to the rich history of yoga and it’s evolution in the West. It will dive into the key philosophical basis and ways of living off the yoga mat. There will be breakdowns of key poses, with an in-depth study of their alignment and anatomical purpose.
  2. What other books or materials or costs are there? With your registration in the program, you will be given a manual with all the information covered in the program. We also ask that you get the book “The Yoga Sutras” by Chip Hartranft. No reading prior to the training is necessary.
  3. What if I need to miss a day or two? Life happens and we all respect that. If you miss class, you can have a friend take notes for you or we can pair you up with someone to review missed material. If you would prefer to do one-on-one make up hours with Ali, that will cost additional and can be arranged on the first day of training.
  4. If I am a yoga teacher, do I get continuing education credits? Yes! The last weekend of the training, we are so excited to announce that we will have Sara Ivanhoe visiting from Los Angeles leading the Philosophy of Yoga. Yoga Alliance certified yoga teachers will earn 15 continuing education credits for their participation.
  5. How many people will be in class? The class will be limited to 20 students. Sign up early to reserve your spot!Set up a time to chat with Ali or Jennifer to learn more about the program and save your spot today. Send us an email here to learn more.


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