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OCT 15 – NOV 16, 2018

A yoga teacher is so much more than a bendy, athletic person!
Discover the 5 reasons why the Twist Yoga Teacher Training is different.

Yoga Alliance yoga teacher training

OCT 15- NOV 16, 2018
Mon – Sat 1:30-5:30pm
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Have you been thinking of being a yoga teacher and sharing your passion with students?

Looking to take your own practice to another level and really dive deep into YOUR yoga?

We’re proud to announce the FALL 2018 TWIST YOGA 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program.

This 5 week Yoga Alliance-certified program led by Twist Yoga teachers Ali Matt (500-EYRT) and Jessica Baker (200-EYRT) and includes a special guest teacher each week. These teachers are unique to this training and are experts in their fields.

You are UNIQUE. So is this training.
The 5 Reasons why this yoga teacher training is for you

  1. Learn the secrets to creating meaningful, effective yoga sequences for your own practice, or in a studio setting.
  2. Discover how the subtle body (chakras and bandhas) ties the physical poses to the internal, energetic properties.
  3. Find YOUR authentic and unique voice.
  4. Study how the anatomy and physiology of the body support the physical practice in meaningful ways from real experts.
  5. Go deeper than the asanas (the yoga poses) to explore and really understand the history and philosophy of yoga.

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Twist Yoga Lead Teacher Ali Matt

LOVE that – but what else do we study?

  • History and philosophy of yoga
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Subtle body
  • Asana breakdowns
  • Sequencing
  • Ayurvedic practices, doshas, and chakras
  • Pranayama breathing techniques
  • Finding your voice
  • Posture breakdowns: Surya A/B, Hip Stability, Twists, Inversions, etc.
  • Sequencing a practice
  • Pre/ Post-Natal Yoga taught by a certified and practiced Prenatal Yoga teacher
  • The business of Yoga taught by Jennifer Pahl, Twist Yoga founder

Experts in their fields, these guest teachers are unique to the Twist Yoga Teacher Training and will share their deep knowledge with you to deepen your training, and really set you up for success upon graduation

 Instead of one style and one teacher, our program is a diverse and unique program that draws upon several teacher’s collective experience and knowledge. Just like you, each of them has their own unique approach to yoga.

The Questions you REALLY want to know about yoga teacher training:

Afraid you haven’t been practicing yoga for long enough?
Not sure you actually want to teach yoga?
Think all yoga trainings are the same?


At Twist Yoga, our teacher trainers to go out into the world with a solid understanding of asana with a true knowledge of what lies beneath. Yoga is for everyone, and we empower our trainers to understand the practice along a continuum of age, physical accessibilities, and injuries.

  • We don’t teach a set sequence: we have in-depth posture and sequencing labs that allow students to experiment with intelligent, artful sequencing. Students will graduate with the confidence to craft a unique, safe, and well-rounded yoga sequence.
  • It’s not just for teachers: whether you are looking to take a deeper journey in your own personal practice, teach public classes or teach at a school or nursing home, this training will provide you a solid foundation to continue to grow in your own beautiful way.
  • Continue your training through mentorships with our teachers. 
  • Option to assist teachers in classes and get real-world experience with students.
  • Opportunity to experience some of the best yoga teachers in their particular fields.
  • Opportunity to teach free community classes at Twist Yoga upon graduation.

EEK! Teacher Training is expensive. What does my tuition really include and where are the hidden costs?

Tuition includes the 5-week course with the associated 150 page manual.
Your FREE Unlimited Class Membership at the studio starts as soon as you are paid in full and runs until the end of 2018!

Twist Yoga Teacher Training OK, you took the training. Awesome.


All graduates are invited to teach one free community class at Twist Yoga to gain exposure and confidence. We didn’t speed off on two wheels the first time we got on a bike, we had training wheels to learn the mechanics. We provide teachers the support to practice and receive feedback in a supportive environment before heading on their own two wheels.

Read about one of our 2016 grads, Wanda, here. Or, our other grad and Twist Yoga teacher, Cynthia, here.

Mentorships are available upon graduation with Ali and Jessica to further your one-on-one growth.

Yoga Teacher Training Schedule:

OCT 15- NOV 16 MON-SAT 1:30 – 5:30PM


Deposit (non-refundable): $450 – pay here

This will ensure your spot in the teacher training and goes towards your full payment.

Full Payment (must be paid in full prior to OCT. 1, 2018): $2950 – GET FREE UNLIMITED YOGA AT THE STUDIO FOR THE REST OF 2018!