How to incorporate Ayurveda in Yoga Teaching

Tania Hunter-Noel is a certified RYT Yoga Teacher, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a mom, and an important part of the Twist Yoga teacher family. She brings real-world knowledge and practical use of the methodology of Ayurveda to her classes and to our Yoga Teacher Training.

What should people know about Ayurveda: 

It is translated from Sanskrit to mean “Wisdom of Living.” It’s purpose is to give each of us the tools to create optimal health, and bring balance to our own unique constitutions.


What I am looking forward to in Twist yoga teacher training?: 

It is really exciting and fulfilling for me to share my passion with others who are on their own path of learning. Empowering students to make changes in their own life that will have a positive impact on their health and wellbeing, as well as help them in their craft of being a yoga teacher is sweet and rewarding. And, I always learn so much from students! 

How has Yoga and Ayurveda changed my life:

If yoga is a journey of self discovery, then Ayurveda is another avenue of exploration into ourselves. My Asana practice has brought balance and strength into both my physical body and mental awareness, and Ayurveda has brought the understanding of why I might be out of balance in the first place. They both make the connection between mind and body and the importance of listening to one’s own body. It is also helpful in understanding the constitution of family, loved ones, and students.