How do you weave artistry and anatomy into a yoga class? Jessica Baker knows.

Jessica Baker brings her dance and athletic background to all of her yoga classes. Coupled with a deep knoweldge and study of the anatomy and physiology behind the yoga shapes, she helps students in our Yoga Teacher Training programs discover their own style and voice.

What is something you want people to know about the Twist Yoga Teacher Training?

Our teacher training takes each individual student into consideration. It is not a cookie cutter training. We focus on what you are interested and where you want to go with your training, and help you attain your goals. I also feel that ali and I have developed a really great teaching relationship together, that flows nicely and has each of us share our strengths. 


What do you enjoy most about leading Twist Yoga Teacher Training? 

There are so many things I enjoy about teaching the training. It‚Äôs hard to choose! ūü§£ I love getting to know each training group on a personal level, and watch each of them grow individually and as group. Teacher training creates bonds in each group that you carry with you for the rest of your life, and it‚Äôs so awesome to help facilitate those connections, and fuel each persons yoga journey. I feel privileged to be a part of that.

How has Yoga changed your life? 

How yoga has changed my life could be an entire book. Each passing practice, and year I see how it has touched another part of my life and my soul. The biggest part for me is how it has taught me how to slow down and breathe. My yoga practice has grounded me, and eased my anxiety. I‚Äôm a bit of a wreck without my yoga practice, and I‚Äôm grateful everyday for each practice and each breath.