Twist Yoga Teacher Training Grad - Julienne

A conversion with Julienne, a Twist Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training grad

+ What was your biggest surprise from Twist Yoga teacher training?

Julienne Twist Yoga Teacher Training
Julienne Twist Yoga Teacher Training

The biggest surprise came a few months after teacher training was over when I taught my first public class. I never thought I would actually teach. Speaking in front of a group of people is something I usually try to avoid. And I didn't feel ready or qualified to teach a class because of my own self-doubt. But I taught the class and I survived and I really absorbed more in the 200 hour training than I thought I did. You learn in teacher training that you just have to put yourself out there and do it. I was surprised at how teaching just kind of clicks. I still have a long way to go, though each class helps my confidence grow. 

+ What was your favorite part of Twist Yoga teacher training?

There are so many great things about teacher training. Being able to really dive into my practice was great. My favorite part was probably meeting so many great people.

Ali Matt and Jessica Baker are the best teachers anyone could ask for and the range of personalities in our group of trainees was so much fun. Seeing yoga from so many different perspectives helped me to appreciate the practice on so many different levels. I made so many connections and I love how supportive all my fellow trainees are now that we're teaching. We attend each other's classes. It's a great feeling being able to do something that is so positive for everyone.

+ Who should do Twist Yoga teacher training?

Anyone who loves yoga!

+ What does yoga mean to you?

I started my practice of yoga a year after my second daughter was born. I was looking for something I could be passionate about, besides motherhood, that was just for me, and after taking a few classes at Twist Yoga I was hooked. I thought yoga was going to be just about exercise and getting fit and flexible. I realized it was so much more. It was a place to clear my head and reset. Yoga has taught me patience, mindfulness, and confidence.

+ How has your yoga practice changed since doing teacher training?

I pay more attention to alignment and really nailing the base pose before moving on to a more advanced variation. I'm also more confident trying out new poses that I may have been too scared to try before.

+ What are you up to these days?

I currently teach at Mentor Graphics in Wilsonville. They have a great in-house fitness program that offers yoga to their employees. I also teach two classes at a new studio in SW Portland -- an intermediate level Vinyasa class on Fridays evenings and a Hot Power Vinyasa class on Monday mornings.


The next Yoga Teacher Training at Twist Yoga starts in April 2018. If you are interested, send us a note and we'll get back to you to show you why this Yoga Teacher Training is so unique and special - just like you!