TWIST Tips: 6 Tips for Staying Healthy (while still having fun) this Spring Break


Oh, Spring Break! You’ve looked forward to it, planned and then planned some more, made the travel reservations, and even bought a new bathing suit. You’re ready to let the fun begin, but don’t want to let all the pre-Spring Break ‘New Year’ intentions and hard work go down the drain.

With a little pre-planning and a few smart and easy tips, this Spring Break can be both fun and healthy! And, when April rolls around and the suntan is gone, you’ll wee left with fun memories and few new healthy habits.

These six tips to stay “Spring Break” healthy will keep you on track:


1. Get off on the right foot
Whether you are driving or flying, a little departure day meal planning is a great way to get off on the right foot. We all know airplane food and drive-thru interstate options are dismal and guaranteed health bombs. I like to pack a healthy, yet indulgent, goody bag for the first travel day. I’ll hit my favorite local grocery store and get a hearty supply of healthy, portable foods. I stock up on flavored kombucca, spiced nuts, dried fruits, dark chocolate, protein bars, crackers and hummus, and anything that is easy to eat, but feels like a treat. They may seem expensive at the time, but you’ll be so happy to have them while traveling and won’t be tempted by the fast food options. I make a separate bag for each kids with some of their favorite treats as well. This way, I can somewhat control the junk-fest. Sometimes, on long travel days, I make several smaller bags for the kids and label them with varied times so they have something new and exciting to look forward to.


2. Research and pre-book a fitness class at your destination
Don’t hang up your exercise routine or roll up your yoga mat just because your are on vacation. Ask friends or research online options for classes, trails, or bike rentals. Commit to at least one, and register yourself before you depart. This puts some structure in your trip and keeps you moving. You’ll have to pack the right clothes or shoes and the goal may be to get a little movement each day. Check out the Mindbody, Inc. app and download it before you go to book fitness, yoga, and wellness classes around the world.


3. Pack a reusable water bottle
It seems simple, right? But, sometimes we think it’s just another thing to wash, keep track of and worry about. But, if you bring your own water bottle along on your trip, you have no excuse not to stay hydrated while on the go… maybe even make a small goal of refilling your bottle a certain number of times and drinking it before you have a special sweet treat or cocktail.

4. Cheers without fears
My vacation trick for ‘adult beverages’ is to add half sparking water to my cocktails or white white. This way, even if you enjoy a drink or two with lunch, happy hour and dinner, you’re saving yourself the calories and potential headaches by about 50% already! And trust me, you won’t know the difference when you’re toasting away to another day in paradise!

5. Pick one meal each day to “treat” yourself
We deserve to celebrate vacation. We all work hard, and it should feel like a true “vacation” from our normal routines, right? YES! My grounding rule here is to pick one meal each day where I really let all my normal healthy(ish) goals slide away…without regret. By choosing whether that means to have a chocolate croissant, an almond scone and a cafe au lait for breakfast in Paris, or an overstuffed burrito, chips, guac and a beer (or two) for lunch in Mexico, or a family-favorite Animal Style In-n-Out Burgerand fries for dinner in Caly, it doesn’t matter. I don’t give it a second thought. I enjoy every last bite of that splurge — just make sure the rest of day is somewhat balanced, and you’ll feel rewarded and disciplined at the same time. I have one friend who eats a raw diet (think fruit, nuts, and salads) for two of her three vacation meals and uses that as her way to stay focused.


6. Get your ZZZZZs
We all know how it feels to get back from vacation and feel like you need a vacation to recover. Commit to getting a good night’s sleep, or maybe even taking a nap here and there. You may consider bringing your own pillow, a sleep mask, or my favorite natural sleep aid – Natural Calm – a magnesium booster that soothes sore muscles and relaxes the body. You might bring some lavender essential oils if you really want to create a zen environment on the road. Slowing down, turning off the devices, and really listening to how your body feels will serve you in so many ways.

Now, go forth this Spring Break — use your sunscreen, pack your yoga mat, get dessert, and have fun! And, don’t forget … our April 30th day challenge is waiting for you when you get back!


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