Yoga Instructor Teacher Training Grads -- Where are they now: Carol

A conversation with our Yoga Instructor Teacher Training Grads

Where are the yoga instructors now?

Yoga Instructor
Yoga Instructor

+ What was your biggest surprise from Twist Yoga teacher training after you became a yoga instructor? I can’t say that there were any real big surprises, but what I can say is that I was so thoroughly impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the instructors. Each instructor embodies yoga from their knowledge of the asanas, history, philosophy, subtle body and so much more. I loved that there was something new to experience and learn from these wonderful people every time I walked into training. Everything that was taught was relevant to what I would need to be a teacher and I use much of it today in my teaching.

+ What was your favorite part of Twist Yoga teacher training? The learning how to teach was one of my favorite parts, which was experiencing the asanas from a different perspective than being a student in a yoga class. Prior to teacher training would attend a yoga class where I followed the steps from what the instructor was saying. It was a lovely experience and I learned a lot of yoga poses by attending different classes instructed by different teaches. Teacher training taught me the safe way of getting in and out of asanas, creating a logical sequence of yoga poses, proper alignment, correct cueing and challenged me to try asanas I never tried before. I felt braver in my personal practice, more knowledgeable about sequencing a class and enthusiastic in sharing my new knowledge with others.

+ Who should do Twist Yoga instructor teacher training? I think teacher training is great for anyone who wants to deepen their practice, understand more about yoga, and share their love of yoga with others.

+ What does yoga mean to you? To me, yoga encompasses the nurturing of the body, mind, and spirit. I truly believe that I have a stronger more flexible and healthy body, and am a calmer person because of practicing yoga.

+ How has your yoga practice changed since doing teacher training? Since completing the teaching training, I now practice yoga almost every day, whereas before I would practice often but not daily. The only time I don’t practice is when I’m traveling but my mat or a version of a mat comes out, once I get to my destination! My practice is much more habitual now.

+ What are you up to these days? I am teaching at Twist Yoga and a few other locations in the area. I have also done a little bit of private setting instruction. I truly love teaching, find each setting quite lovely and honestly enjoy getting to know the students. They are an inspiration to me and learn so much from each and every one of them.