Why Should You Take Yoga Teacher Training?

Twist Yoga Teacher Training
Twist Yoga Teacher Training

Our Yoga Teacher Training students become family, lifelong friends, and guide our studio's most important questions. After each graduation class, we ask them a series of questions and learn what we can do better each time, and what was just right the way it was.


How did you feel overall about the Twist Yoga Teacher Training?

There were many reasons that I loved the teacher training program at Twist.

Immediately I felt safe, accepted and excited about what was to come. 

The training was extremely diverse and covered so much more beyond asana poses and movements and left me feeling comfortable and prepared to go out and teach many different styles and aspects of yoga. 

Ali and Jess were encouraging, supportive and extremely helpful throughout the program guiding us through, each week, with patience and care. 

The experience was unlike anything I have ever done and the bond I formed with everyone in the class was something so special. I am forever grateful for this training program, on so many levels. 


Who should take the Twist Yoga Teacher Training?

Anyone that has an interest in learning more about yoga and how it can improve your life! 


You never stop learning. If you have a teacher, you never stop being a student.
Elisabeth Rohm

What was the biggest surprise for you during or after the yoga teacher training?

The biggest surprise to me during the training was that I quickly came to realize how much Yoga meant to me, beyond just the “ asana” practice. Before starting the training my focus was more on the physical aspect of yoga but after the first weekend my mind and heart opened up to all the possibilities of what Yoga can do, on a mental, emotional and spiritual level and what it really meant to me, beyond practicing on the mat.  


What was your favorite part of your Twist Yoga Teacher Training?

I really don’t have a favorite “part” because each week training provided me with something new and different to be excited about. 

The guest speakers, the extensive break down of poses, the bonds we all created and the personal journey were all just a few things I loved. 


What was your biggest fear going in TT? 

Because I was “newer” to yoga, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to comprehend the information as well or have the knowledge and confidence at the end to feel comfortable to teach. 

However, after hard work and dedication to the program and having Ali and Jess as my teachers,  I have realized that fear couldn’t have been farther from the truth.