TWIST Tips: Help! I’m new to Twist Yoga and don’t know which class to take!


First of all – welcome! We are so thrilled to have you as part of the Twist Tribe. You have made the decision to invest time in your wellness, and take time from your busy schedule just for yourself. Sometimes, that’s the hardest part. Congratulations!

Now, you don’t know which class to take. We all feel this way at first. Yoga words are weird. They can be confusing. And what about the heat? Will I get in over my head? Will I feel stupid? Will I choose the right class for ME?

These are the questions we all have. Below, we’ve gone through the five most frequently asked questions about which classes to take. We hope this helps make your decision a bit easier. Of course, you can always contact our Membership Ambassador, Sonia, with any other questions you may have at any time.

Q: I have never taken a yoga class and don’t even begin to know where to start!

A: No worries. We ALL have a first yoga class. You can start with any of our Slow Flow or Flow Yoga Classes.  They are one-hour classes that will move slowly and take the time to understand what the vinyasa style of yoga is.  You can also take any of the Yin/Restorative classes.  Yin yoga is a restorative style of yoga that is mostly done seated on your mat. Individual poses are held for a much longer time (from 3-5 minutes) as opposed to vinyasa style where you have one breath to one movement. Yin allows the body to melt into the pose using props (blocks, bolsters, straps, and blankets) to gravity support the body. Neither of these two styles is heated.

We also offer private classes if you have specific concerns you’d like to address or have very specific scheduling requirements.

Q: I have practiced some yoga in the past but it has been a while, and I am unsure about practicing in the heat. Which class should I take?

A: Gotcha! You can easily take either of the two styles (Intro/Yin) listed in the question above or, comfortably step into any of the Power Yoga (various times all week) classes. These classes are heated, but will move at a slower pace and have more cues from the teacher which will serve all yogis. Twist Flow will also be a great place to start. They are vinyasa style yoga flow classes but at a slower pace and unheated. 

Q: I’m looking for a class that builds muscle and adds some cardio to my fitness routine. Which class is right for me?

A: We have a few options: TWIST Shred, Core Blast 45, and Intelligetn Yoga and Conditioning. These classes were created at Twist Yoga just for people like you. They take the goodness of yoga and wrap that around High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), weight work, balance, cardio, and lots and lots of sweat! These classes are offered several days and times each week and are one-hour classes that will leave you feeling stronger, happier, and ready to take on that next challenge!

Q: I’ve practiced Bikram hot yoga in the past, but don’t have experience with Vinyasa flow classes. Where do I fit in?

A: Many of our students started with Bikram yoga. So, we know you aren’t scared of the heat! Our classes are not as hot as Bikram. And, with a Vinyasa class, you will see more flow sequences from one posture to the next and less static poses. You will also see Sun Salutations as the core of the class. You will be familiar with many of the poses — as most of the 26 Bikram poses are incorporated into various power yoga classes. You will probably feel comfortable in any of the classes at Twist. But, you may want to start with an Intro class, or some of the Power Yoga classes to set a firm, safe foundation. Downward-facing Dog pose is an example of a pose that is the core of vinyasa but not practiced in Bikram.

Q: What if I get into a class and realize that it’s just not right for me?

A: The good news is there really is no “wrong” yoga class for anyone. We are each here to practice our own yoga. Take a breath or two. Rest in child’s pose. Lay down in savasana (corpse pose).

If you are just so overheated and feel like you may pass out, pause and take some time seated on your mat. Try to connect with your breath by breathing slowly in through your nose and release heat out of your mouth,  with your eyes closed. Sip some water and try to slow your heart rate. If you need to leave the room, please try to make eye contact with the teacher so they know you are OK.

Each yoga practice really is our own. The teacher is simply there to guide you. You must honor your body and take the practice where it feels best for you. 

You can sign up for all our classes here:

If you want to discuss the styles of classes further, please contact Sonia at any time to find your perfect fit!
Namaste, #twsittribe