TWIST TIPS: Four Prenatal Nutrition Tips


Katrina McGiffin MS, CN, CYT  Holistic Nutritionist and Twist Yoga teacher

Katrina McGiffin MS, CN, CYT
Holistic Nutritionist and
Twist Yoga teacher

If you’ve ever been pregnant (or happen to be right now) you know that the intention to eat well can quickly give way to the reality of cravings, morning sickness and food aversions. What follows are a few insights designed to inspire a healthy balance between the ideal and the realities we all face:

  • Healthy foods are not the same thing as diet foods. Vegetables may indeed be a part of a healthy diet, but so is getting enough protein and fat. The trick is to make the highest quality choice you can, regardless of what your desire might be. If it’s a steak you are craving, get a 100% grass-fed steak. If you are dying for some macaroni and cheese, buy some hand-made noodles and cheese, butter and milk from pasture-raised cows. And consider sneaking some veggies in by pureeing steamed cauliflower into the cheesy goodness.
  • Use this time to listen and understand your body’s cues. Your eating rhythm may shift in many ways. Meals may become much smaller, but more frequent, or you find you only need one bite of something to feel satisfied. New sensitivities may present themselves. Take time when you eat to focus on nothing but eating and the opportunity to connect within and adjust accordingly.
  • When you are feeling up to it, take time to try cooking new foods. Play with new recipes and begin to expand your abilities in the kitchen. Let’s be honest, eating healthier often means making more foods from scratch, which inherently means more time in the kitchen. The only thing that makes this easier is practice. The more time you spend, the easier it becomes. Most people set their sights on making healthy food for their children. Practice as you can to make those meals with baby under foot a little more easy to create.
  • Have snacks with you at all times. Easy bite-sized snacks that you can enjoy no matter where you are, or how much you may want. Especially helpful are snacks high in protein, because protein helps regulate blood sugar, leaves you feeling satiated longer and can relieve cravings for sugary snacks.

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