TWIST Eats: Our Teachers FAVE Post-Yoga Snack


Even though our aim is to be ‘in the moment’ on the mat, sometimes our mind wanders. Like our Meditation teacher, Kristin Fritz, says, “Just quietly guide it back as you would a sweet three-year-old child who has gotten off task.”

Often times, mine wanders to what I am going to eat after practice. Or, what I am going to eat at lunch? Or, what I am going to buy to eat at the grocery store? Or, what I would eat if I could eat anything in the entire world? You get the drift.

We asked the question, “What is your favorite post-yoga snack” to our teachers, and here are the responses:

  • Jaclyn: Coconut water! Also baby carrots and Trader Joe’s spicy hummus.
  • Katrina: Navitas Naturals Organic Blueberry Hemp Superfood Power Snack, Epic Jerky Bites and I also love fresh veggies with a homemade tahini sauce or these bars.
  • Kristin: I always carry these in my handbag. Even gave a pack to a young girl who fainted at the Pantheon in Rome a couple of summers ago! Boom. Jamie turned me onto this chocolatey Shakeology goodness, and I dig.
    And I still love my “stack ’n snack bar” — a collection of mason jars filled with different nuts, seeds, granolas, and dried fruits for a trail mix that’s never the same twice! (right now I have Incan berries, chia seeds, shaved coconut, dried apricots, whole-grain granola, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, goji berries, almonds, trail mix, chocolate chips, pumpkin seeds, hemp hearts)
  • Jamie: My favorite post-yoga snack is my shakeology shake. I’ve really been enjoying peanut butter on celery and a slice of apple. In the summer I reach for any in-season fruit like watermelon or pineapple instead of apple.
  • Jessica: Favorite post-yoga snack….hmmm…probably a cupcake! Healthy wise, I love some kombucha and a Lara bar for when I’m on the go. If I can hold out for a meal, big salads are my favorite post-yoga. Lots of greens, quinoa, cucumbers, beans, egg, and pretty much anything else that goes on a salad!
  • Jennifer: Fruit, a protein shake, or a wrap from Freshii.
  • Ali: Usually I’m on the go, so it’s a pure food bar, or a banana and almond butter, and water with cucumbers, lemon, and lime. Sometimes an avocado with sea salt and spread on crackers is also good! And dark chocolate 

What is your favorite go-to post-yoga snack? Are you a fruit girl? A cupcake thief? Or, are you more of a bar lover? Do tell!