Twist Eats: 10 minute lunch - Veggie Bowl of LOVE

Twist Yoga Buddha Bowl
Twist Yoga Buddha Bowl

Yes, we know ... healthy lunches are a struggle. Eating on the run, drive-thru, protein bars, and another cup of coffee sometimes takes the place of what you really need ... A FAST & HEALTHY LUNCH that will fuel the rest of your day. Well, check this recipe out - 10 minutes of prep and an afternoon of reward.

10 Minute Veggie Bowl of Love

Ingredients: + Veggie kabobs (you can buy pre-made or prep the night before with your fave veg) + Frozen chopped broccoli or cauliflower  from Trader Joes + Prepared hummus - plain or your fave variety - we used HOPE Sriracha + Raw nuts - we had cashews in the pantry, so threw those in + Avocado - because, you know -- good fat + Hemp seeds - protein and crunch


  1. Heat grill if you chose to cook kabobs - skip this step if you are just adding raw chopped veggies
  2. Heat coconut oil in frypan on stove
  3. Put kabobs on grill - we brushed ours with Bragg Liquid Aminos
  4. Pour some of the frozen broccoli or cauliflower into the hot oil - we also stirred in some Nutritional Yeast for an extra kick of nutrition and cheesy goodness
  5. Smile and try not to drool on the goodness that awaits. Pat yourself on the back for "adulting"

Assemble the bowls: Grab a bowl and fill the bottom with the warm broccoli or cauliflower, top with kabob, avocado, a dollop of hummus, handful of nuts, seeds and any chopped herbs you have in the house. If you are feeling it, you can sprinkle turmeric on top for bonus points, a squeeze some lemon.

These are vegan and gluten free, but you can add meat for the meat lovers in your house pretty easily. We'd love to see the LOVE BOWLS you create! Share with us on Facebook and IG anytime! #twisteats