Pumped Up Kid-Approved Breakfast


Healthy, easy, kid-approved make-ahead breakfast idea all your kids will love

by, Jennifer Albertini

Mornings are crazy. Trying to get four kids fed and dressed and in the car by 7:45 is insanity!


We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Start the day strong, and you can keep going all day long. I want to teach my kids this. Throwing a bowl of cereal at them in the morning would be the easiest, but I know that it is not the most nutrient dense and will not keep their brains and bodies working properly for too long.

I also know about picky eaters. My oldest would eat a pb& honey sandwich with an apple and carrots at every meal if I let him! I love to find sneaky ways to add good stuff into their food, but it is hard sometimes. After playing around with a few things, I have found a power packed scone that all my kids will eat in the morning. Add a banana and they are good to go!

My company, Arbonne, has some great nutrition products that I can sneak right in without sacrificing taste. My go-to scone recipe is adapted from the box of Trader Joe‘s pancake mix. I use coconut oil, almond milk and then add in flaxseed and a scoop of Arbonne’s flavorless Fiber Boost powder. One scoop of the Arbonne fiber blend provides 12 grams of gluten free fiber rom peas, apples, citrus fruits, and beets. Throw in some blueberries or dark chocolate chips and my kids devour them!

always feel good incorporating Arbonne products because they have a very strict ingredient policy and have always been a vegan company. You never know how good they will eat at school, and at least know they are off to a good start in the morning!

would love to partner with you to reach your health goals. I love educating people about the importance of using pure, safe, and beneficial products in and on their bodies. Please contact me for more information and to try some samples!
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