Ever wondered how the yoga we know today got here?


We're thrilleD to announce this incredible opportunity to study with the premiere yoga philosophy teacher, Sara Ivanhoe.

Sara is only teaching at Twist Yoga - don’t miss this extra special opportunity!

sat., april 6th 1:30-6pm and Sun., april 7th 1:30-5pm (option to attend 1 day)

  • History and definition of "yoga"

  • Margas/Paths of Yoga

  • 4 stages of life/Shamanas

  • Philosophy of Upanishads/Vendanta: Atman/Brahman

  • The balance of Sthira and Sukha

  • The yoga timeline to present day

  • Sanskrit history and pronunciation

  • A full "toolkit" on how to incorporate these learnings into your classes or personal journey

You’ll feel so confident and encouraged after a weekend with Sara. Don’t miss out — Twist Yoga is the only studio int he PNW with this very limited experience.

Join our Yoga Teacher Training students for a 2 day immersion with LA-based guest teacher, Sara Ivanhoe. Sara holds the first Master Degree in the History of Yoga from Loyola Marymount University in LA where she also serves as a professor. She also leads the Yoga Study online programming on YogaGlo.

Sara brings over 25 years of deep study of traditional classroom yoga teacher experience coupled with in-depth knowledge and expertise on the history of yoga, the language of Sanskrit, and the philosophy behind yoga.



$150 for both days

VIP option - only $99 for both days for our Yoga Teacher Training Grads and Twist Yoga Teachers

$85 - for one day: Sat or Sun

space limited
no refunds

Muladhara root chakra: As part of the Twist Yoga Teacher Training, Sara Ivanhoe shares her Yoga Scholar Program on Yoga History and Philosophy with the students.