Twist Your Workplace: Corporate Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition & Mindfulness

 Twist Your Workplace

Corporate Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition and Mindfulness Classes

groupoutside meditationProvide your employees with clarity during the busy work day, a peaceful lunchtime break, an introduction to guided meditation, or a plan to really be mindful and happy!



Twist Your Workplace, our sister company, can get you started on a plan that is unique to your business.

Yoga and Meditation can be practice anywhere. You don’t need special props, or even a change of clothes. Here are six yoga poses you can do at your desk to relieve stress:


The happy secret to better work – TED Talk by Shawn Anchor

And we know that if Forbes is talking about Mindfulness, it really must be good for the bottom line. Read their insightful article here.

Or, watch some of the latest Mindfulness interviews and stories online:

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