Private Yoga Classes


Yoga was traditionally taught by one teacher directly to one student. While group classes are fun, energizing, and create our special community, private classes individualize the experience to meet you where you are now. Private in-studio or at home yoga classes can be scheduled with most of our teachers.
Whether you are a new yogi or have a more advanced practice, private sessions are extremely beneficial.

It’s a beautiful investment in your practice to take the time to ensure proper alignment and understand potential modifications that are specific to your body and your needs.

Are you an athlete looking for relief from ACL pain?
You can plan time to work on specific poses, injury prevention, sports-specific poses, or general Vinyasa flows. The beauty of a private is that the class is designed just for you – for that particular time. Get any questions answered in a one-on-one environment and take your practice to the next level.

FIVE Benefits of A Private Yoga Lesson

  1. Have a crazy schedule? Maybe it’s more productive for you to practice at a specific time. Together, we can tailor a practice time and schedule to meet your needs. We can come to your home, your office, or meet at the studio.
  2. A large class may seem a bit intimidating for some new yogis. A private class can give you a quick course in the basics, and give you the foundations to feel more comfortable to walk into a group class setting.
  3. Are you just coming back from an injury? Private one-on-one classes give you the specific tools and modifications to adapt certain poses and find out if there are any you should actually avoid. You’ll learn the poses that are most beneficial for where you are in your recovery.
  4. Perhaps you have a specific mental, emotional or physical goal you have set for your yoga practice. In a private environment, we can work together to map a safe, rewarding, and attainable plan to help you reach that goal.
  5. Are you an experienced yogi who wants to dive a bit deeper into a more advanced practice? Private classes give you the time with a teacher to ask specific, detailed questions about the more technical asana that you may not see often enough in group class settings.

Private Session Pricing

One-Hour Private Session - In Studio$85.00

3 One-Hour Private Sessions - In Studio$220.00

5 One-Hour Private Sessions - In Studio$350.00

Small Group Event Class - In Studio$140.00

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