Meditation Classes

Twist Yoga Meditation classes perfectly complement your yoga practice so you can tune in to the very best version of yourself. If you want powerful tools to access your inner wisdom and enhance everyday living, Twist Yoga Meditation with Kristin is for you.


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You’ll learn a variety of meditation traditions and techniques, presented in a practical, accessible way.
• Transform your relationship with yourself and others
• Let go of stress, overwhelm and disruptive self-talk
• Regain a sense of clarity about your life purpose

Join us for Twist Yoga’s Meditation classes with Lululemon Bridgeport Village Ambassador,  Kristin Fritz

Living Your Yoga

Embodying the Yamas & Niyamas
A perfect add-on to your yoga practice, break in your work day, or new adventure
September: Peace (non-violence) + Voice (truthfulness)
October: Abundance (non-stealing)
November: Vitality (non-excess)
December: Experience/Wisdom (non-possessiveness)
January: Clarity (purity)
February: Joy (contentment)
March: Refinement (self-discipline)
April: Freedom (self-study)
May: Harmony (surrender)
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Kristin Fritz Meditation

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“Your journey is personal. It’s all about you. But there are common universal curveballs the Universe throws at us all, in some way or another. They come in the form of loss, anxiety, overwhelm, boredom, ambiguity, hatred, and pain. I have certainly had my share of these.

The practice of meditation doesn’t change our outer circumstances. It’s an inside job! Through the practice, we glimpse our limitless ability to love and the magnitude of our personal power. This emerging sense of strength begins to shift everything. We tap into our true desires and our unique abilities. And things begin to align.

Our practice allows us to relate to everything quite differently. And from this deepening reservoir of calm, compassion and clarity, we begin to transform everything that arrives in our lives.

All this from sitting regularly on a comfy cushion.

Your practice is also personal. As your guide, I’m here to help you step in, to be your own light, and to discover the beauty and balance that already lies within. Namaste.”

Get Kristin’s Meditation Resources, her go-to list for all things meditation, including apps, books, scientific studies, products, and more! This list is always growing, so be sure to check back regularly.

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