Twist Yoga Mission

Twist Yoga loves me

Twist Yoga is a ‘community hub of happiness’ where all students and teachers support one another, share their passions, and practice yoga while giving back to the world. ALL are invited and welcomed to come share space, breath, and connection.

“Be at least as interested in what goes on inside you as what happens outside. If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” – Eckhart Tolle


At Twist Yoga, we strive to find our balance both on and off the mat. Some days it may seem impossible, but we continue on our path and know it’s a process. We find peace knowing the journey may tip towards more chocolate and less sweat, but find strength in the fact that every day we begin anew. Onward and upward. Most times, balance doesn’t exist. But, proportions and harmony do!
There is a reason they call it a yoga “practice”, right? You don’t “do” yoga, therefore it’s never “done.” We want to stretch to new heights every day as we strive to incorporate our yoga into all the aspects of our lives. We are always adapting to new challenges and look forward to life’s curveballs.

We daydream of balance. We are happy with wholeheartedness.


Twist Yoga is the place to find your mojo. It’s a community where you feel inspired to learn, challenge, share and grow. Just like Norm felt about Cheers, Twist Yoga is a place for you to pull up your mat and feel at home…heck, we may even fill up your glass on a special occasion, too. We work to create peace in our world, communities, and families by first creating peace within ourselves.
Giving back is central to our connection and happiness. Together, we give back and nourish the opportunities to connect with the local community and the greater planet.

We aim to connect.


We make decisions from our heart. It is open, non-judgmental, and eager. When choices are made in love instead of fear, we all can feel it. We chose love.

We are a family because we listen with our heart.

The good, the bad and the ugly: Twist Yoga is all ears. We want to hear from you. We are all connected and we count on you to make us better. Simply doing a good enough job is not good enough for us…we want to shine and we need you to help us. Together, we’ll continue to innovate, inspire, adapt and transform. Namaste.