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About Twist Yoga

Twist Yoga Jennifer PahlTwist Yoga is not your typical yoga scene. Opened in December 2013, we’re a locally owned, loved and invested boutique studio located in Lake Oswego (about 10 miles South of Portland) that caters to anyone looking to connect with a vibrant yoga community, heal a sore back, rock a new workout, improve balance, tiptoe into meditation, or connect with their breath.

You deserve your tribe #twisttribe

Each of us is here for a brief sojourn; for what purpose
he knows not, though he sometimes thinks he senses it.
But without deeper reflection one knows from daily life
that one exists for other people
– Albert Einstein

Yoga Space … with a TWIST

We follow the theory that yoga is an “inside job,” but that doesn’t mean we take life too seriously … from our custom original artwork to the blue “sky” in our practice room.

Yoga Attitude … with a TWIST

We like to have fun. We like to get our groove on. Sometimes we even celebrate afterwards with a glass of something bubbly and a bite of something decadent.

Yoga Music … with a TWIST

Most of our classes are set to music. Besides traditional yoga music, you’ll find a nice variety on our playlist:  Jazz, Old School Rap, 80’s Hair Bands, Southern Rock, Dub Sutra, Reggae, Mash-Ups … you name it, we’ll slap a savasana on it.

Yoga Classes … with a TWIST

We have classes perfect for beginners who can’t imagine ever touching their toes and classes for elite athletes who see yoga as a compliment to traditional training. From 5:30am to 7:00 pm, we have convenient class times that accommodate busy working folks and stressed out stay-at-home parents running carpool duty. And don’t miss our TWIST kids camps, TWIST Meditation, and TWIST Prenatal.

Our teachers are the best. They bring knowledge, training, innovation and experience to Twist Yoga. We offer them a blank slate and a haven to experiment with new class ideas and cutting-edge philosophies.

At Twist Yoga, our ultimate goal is balance — we understand that it’s hard to find in today’s hectic world. A little chocolate here, a yoga class there. It’s all a balance and sometimes the scales tip one way or the other and that’s OK!

It’s yoga … with a TWIST.

Please visit our sister company, Twist Your Workplace, for information on corporate mindfulness, yoga, and meditation offerings.twist your workplace

Jennifer Carter Pahl

Jennifer Carter Pahl Twist Yoga Owner & Yoga Junkie

Jennifer Carter Pahl
Twist Yoga
Owner & Yoga Junkie

Jennifer is relatively new to yoga, but not to the importance of a strong sense of community.  Twist Yoga was envisioned as a place to meld both passions.  Her hope is that when you are on the mat, you feel powerful, inspired, and supported.

She grew up in Miami, but has called Oregon home for over 14 years. After leaving corporate America, Jennifer rediscovered her passion for painting, and quickly fell in love with the local Oregon art scene. Her work can be found in galleries, businesses, and private collections.

A passion for the physical, emotional and healing powers of yoga fueled her dream to open to Twist Yoga. As a mom, Jennifer’s dedication to children’s health sealed her commitment to TWIST kids classes.

Some may say Jennifer is unnaturally obsessed with kale. Others may think her collection of costume wigs is odd. Even a few may question how a woman who can barely touch her toes could possibly own a yoga studio.

She doesn’t believe in “odd” or “can’t”.  She believes in second chances and open minds while embracing ancient postures and modern decor.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

-Henry David Thoreau